Yoga is Sanskrit for the word union  a reminder of the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Asanas, or Yoga poses, are performed in many different yoga styles creating specific health benefits. Some are done in quick succession, creating heat in the body, such as in the Vinyasa style, while slower movements increase stamina with a focus on alignment, such the Iyengar style.

Yoga is a journey, your personal practice is constantly evolving and changing.

yoga Sammamish, WAMindfulness in yoga is about letting go of stresses, expectations and judgements and ultimately the ego while accepting the present moment with an alertness and awareness that is liberating, exhilarating and life-changing.

With a tradition dating back thousands of years, the psychological, physiological and biochemical benefits of yoga are well known and include:

  • alleviating stress
  • encouraging a sense of acceptance and well-being
  • increasing focus and concentration
  • increasing flexibility, strength and stamina with total body conditioning
  • energizing and rejuvenates
  • improving organ functions, circulation & blood pressure
  • positively impacting cholesterol levels, protein serum production and vitamin C levels
  • balancing glucose and sodium levels


We offer 35 yoga & meditation classes per week for all levels.