Monthly Specials

Yoga & Meditation Specials

Flexible pricing options that adapt to your changing needs and evolving seasons of yoga. No long term contracts and you can cancel at anytime!

First Week (7 Day Pass) Unlimited Yoga for New Clients $10              

Our First Week 7 Day Pass allows you unlimited yoga and mediation classes for only $10. Valid for new clients only.

After you have enjoyed your First Week 7 Day Unlimited Pass for $10, explore Urban Oasis further with our One Month 30 Day Unlimited Pass that also allows you unlimited yoga and mediation classes for only $50.  Valid for new clients only.

Chiropractic Special

Luke Head Shot

Luke Boyer, DC

FREE Kinesiology Tape Testing Demo with Dr. Luke Boyer

This offer is valid for first time users only.

Looking to speed up your recovery process ? What is it used for? Kinesio tape can be used clinically to aid patients in their recovery from various musculoskeletal conditions. These range from muscle strains and ligament sprains to shin splints, tendinitis and lymphoedema. It covers a vast array of clinical pathologist although it must be used as an aid to recovery and not a prevention or cure.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Luke, please call 425-577-3636,

Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy-Hypnotherapy-Life Coaching-Mindful Meditation

isabel head shot

Isabel Barbuto, PsyD candidate, MA, LMHCA, CDP, CHt, MBA

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Yoga Meditation Teacher

“New Client Special” for Individuals, Couples, and Families

$150 first intake session (up to 2 hours) and $95 regular sessions (up to 1 hour) 

– Affordable rates for private pay or uninsured clients

Need to talk? Receive active, empathetic, and responsive psychological services ranging from life coaching, hypnotherapy, to more intensive psychotherapy with Isabel Barbuto, a Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and iRest® Yoga Nidra/Mindful Meditation Teacher.

To schedule an appointment with Isabel, please call 425-409-9455 or email

 Hypnotherapy Special

Michele Whittington photoMichele Whittington, CHt

Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy Spring Special $500 (save $60!)

4-Session Hypnotherapy Package includes:

1.5 hour first session + (3) one hour sessions

Hypnotherapy Create Lasting Change

To schedule an appointment with Michele, please call 425-677-8703 or email

Massage Specials

MaddieMaddie Greenbaum, LMP

60 minute massage for $60
90 minute massage for $100

Please come see Maddie for some much deserved bodywork!

To schedule an appointment with Maddie, please call 425-677-8403, email or click here to schedule online


Toni Conrads photo IMG_2413Toni Conrads, LMP

20% OFF your first visit!


To schedule an appointment with Toni, please call 425-677-8403, email or click here to schedule online