Healthcare Services

Urban Oasis Yoga & Wellness is a one-stop integrated health and wellness center where our team of professionals are committed to supporting your well-being. Our consultations and treatments are in line with the general philosophy and approach at Urban Oasis Yoga & Wellness which is to treat the whole person; understanding the mind, body and beyond are all interrelated in all aspects of health and fitness.

This holistic approach aims to treat not just physical symptoms but look at the root causes of issues and how these manifest in the whole being.  Our  team of well educated, experienced and compassionate practitioners consist of a Chiropractor, two Massage practitioners, an Acupuncturist, a Naturopath, a team of Clinical Physiologist, a Hypnotherapist and a certified Yoga Therapist.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology Sammamish, WA Acupuncturist Clinical Therapy Sammamish, WAClinical Therapy ChiropracticChiropractic
Massage Therapy Sammamish, WAMassage Therapy NaturopathyNaturopathy